Focus People – Market research recruitment.

Market research recruitment Australia-wide.

Focus People performs market research recruitment. We recruit people from all around Australia to take part in paid market research activities.

We work with some of Australia’s leading market research companies, advertising agencies and marketing departments. We supply them with people that fit specific criteria to assist them to run their focus groups, ad tests, one-on-one interviews, product in-home trials and other forms of paid market research.

Respondents get paid generous cash incentives to take part in this market research.

Focus People Market Research Recruitment

Using Focus People for your market research project

Focus People work 7 days a week to recruit quality respondents from all over Australia to help you with your research projects. You are able to brief one company and have your whole project managed by us.

We have a large team of recruiters ready to recruit respondents off quality assured, sizeable databases of candidates from all over Australia. If you have client lists to work off, we can use those too.

We also offer end-to-end co-ordination of everything from your venue booking, to catering, to payment of the respondents.

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Market Research Recruitment Attendees

Taking part in research with Focus People

Your opinion is extremely valuable to companies who need to find out what consumers think. Sessions of varying formats, times and locations are held predominantly in the state capitals and major regional areas.

Taking part in focus groups is a lot of fun. You can choose to only take part in groups you feel comfortable with at times that suit you. Not only that, you get paid great cash incentives just for giving your time and your opinion. What could be easier?

We want people who have an opinion to give. Refer your friends. We are sure they would like to earn some extra cash too.

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