Need participants for your market research?
Focus People are here to help.

Australia-wide Services

Let Focus People provide you with participants for:

  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups (consumer and business)
  • Product trials/taste testing
  • Accompanied shops
  • B2B recruitment
  • Children’s groups
  • On-line surveys / qualboards
  • User testing
  • Casting of TV extras
  • And specialise in recruiting respondents from client lists

We can find suitable on-spec respondents to take part in-person or online in all areas of Australia – metro, regional and rural areas.

The Right People for Your Research

With over 17 years of experience, Focus People are the experts in recruiting research participants.

Our clients rely on our responsiveness as well as our industry expertise and large database of research participants.

Projects we have recruited research participants for include:

  • Large car clinics
  • Government department projects
  • Indigenous-focused projects
  • Medical industry projects (we can recruit practitioners, nurses, GPs, practice managers, dentists and specialists)
  • Education sector
  • Banking and finance
  • General consumers for FMCG projects.

We aim to understand exactly who you need for your market research project before finding these people and making sure they show up when needed.

Research Participant Recruitment Australia
Research Participant Recruitment Australia


The only way to know if you’re on the right track with a product or service is to ask the people who are most likely to use it. 

With a database of thousands of respondents, Focus People takes the stress out of finding the right participants for your market research project.

Our services are flexible and can be tailored to support a number of your market research needs.

What's Your Brief?

Talk to us about your research project and we will find respondents to meet your brief. 

We will work with you to perfect your screener to ensure we are getting the right people taking part in your project.

We believe that great recruitment starts with a clear brief.

Click below to brief your project to us, or send us an email at

Research Participant Recruitment Australia

Additional Services

To assist with your research success, Focus People can also arrange the booking of a venue, arrange catering, find a freelance researcher and arrange payments of incentives to respondents.
Research Participant Recruitment Australia

Book A Venue

Need a place to hold your focus group?
Focus People can help.

Research Participant Recruitment Australia

Find a Researcher

We can put your in touch with a freelancer in any part of Australia.

Research Participant Recruitment Australia

Respondent Payments

Focus People can handle all payment requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Depending on the difficulty of the brief, we request a lead time of 7-10 business days. Participants with simple requirements can often be recruited sooner. Respondents who have hard to find specifications or difficult to recruit specs (ie senior executives, medical specialists, people with multiple criteria requirements) or a large number of respondents require a longer lead time

A screener is the document our recruiters use to screen potential respondents to ensure they qualify for the research project. A screener is prepared in a question and answer format to obtain responses from each person to have them continue through the selection process when they meet the criteria or terminate if they do not fit the requirement.

Yes we certainly can but you need to add in question that are specific to your unique project.

The first section of questions in the Focus People template are industry standards and we normally start the screening process of all our respondents with these questions. You then need to add in the questions you would like us to use in the recruitment process to ensure we obtain the people you need. Include a question for each criteria that you require.

Recruitment costs vary depending on the criteria of the respondents needed as well as the recruitment lead time available. For example, for a general consumer recruitment costs start at $95pp. This will increase as additional specifications are added to the respondent criteria.  We also have a project set up fee.

An incentive is a payment given to respondents to remunerate them for their time. The amount depends on the type of respondent participating in your research.

Incentives reflect the time involved in participating in the project.   For online projects we recommend paying $1 per minute.  For in-person sessions this needs to be more than this.

Yes we do. Focus People Market Research Recruitment has one of the largest databases in Australia.

We do recruit for some quantitative projects but it all depends on the type of people you require and the number of people you require.

We often send out the screener out via email using a survey link. Our recruitment team reviews  the results then calls people who look to fit the profile of what you are looking for. They ask more questions over the phone to ensure we are getting the right person for the project.

No we recruit any amount  you require.

Yes many of our clients do this.

You certainly can but you are unable to approach these people without going through Focus People.


Focus People will find the people you need.