All new clients are required to fill out this online form before we commence work on your project:

This gives us details from you of who to send the invoice to in your company.

Respondent incentives

If you would like Focus People to handle the respondent incentives for you we would send you an invoice for this within 24 hours of you approving the project.  

This invoice is due to be paid to us before the first group/depth.  We then like to pay respondents within a few days of the session running. If this invoice isn’t paid by the due date then you will need to arrange these payments to the respondents.

Recruitment Invoice

We send our recruitment invoice to you after the project has been completed. We only charge you for the respondents that turn up to the project.

If we have handled your incentives and have some money left over as a result of no-shows we credit this back to your final invoice.

Payment is due 14 days after invoice date.

Payment Options

  • EFT Transfer
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card

If you wish to pay via credit card, please click on the link below and enter your own details 

Our Bank details for EFT transfer will be found on your invoice.

International Clients

For our international clients we have bank accounts set up in a number of countries to make it easier for you to pay us.

Our invoices that come to you are in Australian Dollars – you will then need to ensure you convert the amount so that the correct payment is made to us.