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I was recruited for a focus group, and it was a very easy process from receiving initial email to being paid for my time. Focus People had great communication before and after group and the group was ran very well. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this oganisation.

Janelle Blight

I’ve done a few focus groups now with Focus People and on every time I’ve never had an issue with them. Always provide detailed info, the person conducting the Market research were very nice and engaging and the payment to me always done on a timely manner. I will be more than happy to do more of these focus groups again in the future.

Dave C

Focus people provides amazing opportunities to a wide range market research projects which are rewarding both financially and knowledge-wise. I participated in some projects and not only got paid but also gained more insights in potential improvement for future living.

Catrina Xiao

I have done a number of focus groups, interviews both for personal and business, even my children have been involved! Lots of interesting research, always paid on time. The staff at focus people have always been so lovely and friendly also!

Naji Bottos

Focus People have become trusted partners for our qualitative recruitment needs. They have a great, can-do attitude, and are don’t shy away from tricky recruits. The team is attentive and a pleasure to work with.

Amy Williams

We’ve been using Focus People over the last year for recruitment and they are now a go to for Essence Communications. They are always responsive and deliver within short timeframes, making our jobs easier. Would highly recommend for qual recruitment jobs.

Benita Tan

Hi Sarah, Just a quick note to say well done on recruiting a great first group. The client noted how fantastic the range of respondents were in terms of occupation, ethnicity and where they lived. Thank you so much!!

Elisabeth Trott
Elisabeth Trott Research

All the participants attended and they put in a lot of effort. Great candidates.

Natalie Fisher

Great – thanks so much!
And again, great work Vanessa in sourcing high quality people to partake. And helping us get this done quickly.
Please thank all the respondents (if you can), their feedback was excellent, honest and well-considered. They really took it seriously and read the questions properly. It will certainly be heard by the right people and serve to inform how this important campaign comes to life.
We will get the invoice through to accounts straight away

Katherine Mcculloch

Thank you so much for all your support throughout this time. Really appreciate arranging these groups in a short period of time.

Lucy Smith
FG Connect

Just want to thank everyone for a fantastic project. The groups went great and the client is very happy!

@Vanessa Ernst – thanks for your hard work and the great and articulate respondents!

Dianne Kamin
National Research Group

All 9 interviewees has been great; very much on spec and really participative. Thanks so much for your hard work in sourcing the candidates and coordination of all the different parts. Truly appreciate it.

Anita Philipose

Hi Kate, Sarah, Megan,
Just a quick note to thank you very much for all your help on the dishwasher project and particularly with the participants in the online focus groups.
The four groups ran over the weekend and the participants in each were articulate, to specification and were most helpful. I was delighted with their engagement and willingness to talk (with interest and mental involvement) for two hours about dishwashers and dishwashing. Thank you and the recruiters for all your help in getting this project so effectively completed!
We still have to hear from the client what they want done about Holly and her non-attendance – whether a replacement interview or something else, and I’ll you know when I hear from them (probably later today), but all the rest was a dream! Thank you all very much! ?

Philip Derham
Derham Insights Research

I also wanted to say thank you for doing a fantastic job recruiting interesting and diverse participants – all gave us a slightly different perspective to what we’ve heard so far so.

Sarah McColl

Thanks for your fast response with recruitment. We had full attendance and all 5 participants attended. All 5 were to-brief, arrived on time, and were top quality. We achieved what we needed from the research which was a great success.

Dave Hone

I have really enjoyed and appreciated working with you. I know this was a difficult project but you really went out of your way to be innovative and patient with the process and to stick with it until we got there.
I look forward to working together again and have already started recommending you.

Christina Branagan
Beam Research and Marketing

All went well with both these last night. I had nine in the women’s group and 10 in the males’. They were all on spec and it was a good spread of ages, back grounds and across the electorate.

Sue Loukomitis
Qudos Research

Yes – all went really well. Everyone turned up and my colleague Laura thought there was a really good spread across participants. So thanks again to you and the team.

Carolyn Loton

Thank you and the team again for all your hard work on this. Last night we had two full groups that all turned up on time and were very chatty. We had clients viewing both groups, and it was really nice for us to be able to deliver everything as intended. Thanks again and hopefully the following groups go as well as the first! Please pass along my and Maddie’s thanks to anyone who is working on this project so far.

Sam Foote
House of Brand

Group went really well Sarah. Well recruited.

Julie Dang
Julie Dang & Associates

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we’ve now finished all 6 interviews – all the respondents turned up on time, and were open, articulate and chatty. So, thanks, all went well on the day ?

Cassie Pile
Kadence International

A big thank you to you and your team for organising everything on such short notice, especially with the changes. You should know that the reason I choose Focus People for recruitment over other companies is because you’re great at helping with this on short turnaround timeframes, and also because you help write the screener. I’ve been working on several projects simultaneously so it is a bit hard sometimes to make sure details are 100% accurate.

Lillian Chan

Just a quick note to pass on my thanks to you and the team for the recent online qual project you helped us out on – in more ways than one. Fast turnaround, discounted price, collaborative team and v.good respondents. So all in all a success – really appreciate it

Matthew Bond
EY Sweeney

I just wanted to say thanks for your help over these last few years – I’ve always found working with Focus People really efficient, professional and friendly, even when we spring things on you at the last minute!

Teri Nolan
Me Bank

It went very well, thanks! Full group, really great people – good mix of views and everyone participated. Thanks for your teams work on this, I know it was a very tight one!

Madeline Moore
House of Brand

We appreciate all of the work that you and the team put into this project. I know it ended up being a bit laborious but we are really thankful for the work that you and the team put into finding replacements and prepping participants as much as possible.

Rebecca Holmes
The Evolved Group

We just wanted to thank you for your efforts in booking and confirming all the respondents for the beer immersions, we had 100% attendance! Thanks for all your hard work on this!

Sam Roberts
Click Research

Just finished one project for Focus People- clear instructions, interesting work, quick payment.

Judith Hood

This company offers genuine market research opportunities, that actually pay. I highly recommend them

Hewitt Shane

Had a very good experience with the team as I participated in one of their focus grouos. was treated well and with respect. The incentive was paid in the time frame they mentioned.

Nathan Scott

Really enjoy doing Market Research for Focus People. The facilitators are always enthusiastic, the topics are interesting and they pay well.

Steve Beck

Great bunch of projects and moderators with incentives that are provided quickly

Damien Mathiesen

Enjoyable experience, friendly staff, timely payment and positive interactions with other participants.

Luke Gerholt

I recently participated in market research via Zoom. The whole experience was professionally conducted. I felt welcome in the zoom and that my views and opinions were valued. Highly recommended.

Courtney Barratt

Recently completed some market research with Focus People and found the entire experience very enjoyable and rewarding. Great communication and very easy to deal with and the moderator did a great job on the night!

Scott Retallick

Have participated in a few groups with Focus People, and every time it has been an excellent experience. Professional and enjoyable. And no I am not a robot, I just think excellent companies deserve to be recognised and rewarded as such.

Chris Foley

Amazing company to deal with. Thoroughly professional and easy to deal with.

Tapan Bhavsar

A good company to be involved with. Market research done with care and compassion. The moderator/host was excellent. Thank you.

Chris Foley

Our groups ran very smoothly yesterday. Thanks so much for ensuring that things ran to plan. Many thanks to you both and to all support staff at Focus People.

Dr David Levy
Sydney Nursing School

As usual the quality of the participants was spot on and turn around in the limited time is praiseworthy. I can’t thank enough for making this activity a success.

Rasika Madav

Just wanted to confirm that we were really happy with how the recruit on this one came together.

Tom Martin
Where To Research

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for your excellent work on the Woolworths Macro store recruitment. The respondents were of the highest quality, very much on spec and super friendly and articulate. We were very impressed with your efforts.

Louise McDonald
Click Research

Thanks for working with us on this project, you made the process easy and efficient.

Jane McArthur
SMA Tourism

Excellent group. All 8 turned up. Client v happy Great recruitment as always!! Thank you FP A-Team!

Milica Loncar
Fresh Projects

The granularity of detail in the screener you sent over for project click was incredibly helpful and gave us a clear understanding of which segments we needed to fill. This detail meant that there was no point of confusion between our team and yours and helped the project run smoothly. Colour coding the segments in project hunger was incredibly useful for such a complex recruit. Your positive attitude and responsiveness is valued and makes working with your team a delight. The whole TBA team is continually impressed with how dedicated you and your team have been and we look forward to many more projects together in the new year.

Emma Kemp
The Behavioural Architects

The participants were so successful and we had so much fun working with them – we hope they enjoyed it as well. It was so lovely working with you and feels great we had such a successful project – my thanks to all the hard work from your team.

Olivia Hendy
The Behavioural Architects

Groups went really well. Thank you so much for your support and responsiveness during this first phase of the project. It’s great to have such a good partner on board.

Dominic McCarthy
Fifty Five 5

They are perfect for what we need! Fantastic work, as usual.

Hannah Barnett
The Behavioural Architects

Feedback from the moderator and clients was VERY good, and highlighted that I could reach out to you to let you know. The group couldn’t have gone better last night. They all showed up, on time, and were very responsive.

Renee Bourke
Screen Audience Research Australia

Thanks again for your hard work, Daphne, it’s been a great project thanks to yours an Trudy’s handling of this somewhat tricky recruit.

The Behavioural Architects

Once again, thank you for all of your (and Daphne’s) help with this project – it’s been lovely working with you both.

Emily Cranidge

Thanks for all your hard work on this project. You did a great job! The respondents were excellent.

Louise McDonald
Click Research

8 successful interviews have taken place over the last two days. Happy to report that everyone has been wonderful, on time and on spec. Our Client is very happy as well! Thanks again to you and your team for making this process so simple for us:)

Katherine McCulloch

Really appreciate all your hard work on this project – I know you were pulling some long hours to find the right people!

Josie Song